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The never miss a delivery again, door lock.

Packages, groceries and laundry delivered InHome. And your life back.

Glue Blob

Peace of mind with InHome

Trained Drivers

Specially trained drivers with our reliable logistics partners

Video Receipt

A video receipt is uploaded immediately to confirm safe and secure delivery

Encrypted Keys

Unique one-time access granted with bank-grade encryption

Don't let deliveries dictate your day

We integrate with several logistics companies so you can shop online as usual and have the packages delivered InHome. Come home and find your packages delivered safely in your hallway. Glue's InHome service already offers some of Sweden's biggest brands.

Come home to a full fridge

Imagine coming home to a full fridge. All your groceries are put away while you're out enjoying life. Shop your food as usual on Choose InHome delivery as your delivery method at check-out and spend your time on more important things.

Save time on your laundry

Get your laundry washed by experts and let it be delivered into your home, without you having to be at home with our partner Washaway. Under settings in the Washaway app, select that you have a Glue lock and an encrypted key request is automatically generated in the glue app after each order.



Make a difference on every level

Reduce your carbon footprint

Every time you miss a home delivery, your CO2 footprint doubles.

Reduce the number of delivery vehicles

When you choose Glue, our logistics partners can optimize and group their delivery routes, which means that fewer vehicles need to be used.

Open the door to innovation

It's just the beginning of all the possibilities Glue InHome deliveries offer. We want to help rebuild urban infrastructure in a more sustainable way.