InHome Basics

Glue is on a mission to change deliveries for the better. The service was first introduced back in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden and has been running ever since. During this time Glue Home has been working on perfecting the service to ensure the highest possible security standards.

  • To safely receive packages in your hallway without the InHome driver entering your home

  • Getting food and food delivered directly into the fridge and freezer

  • That laundry and other textile services are collected, washed and delivered inside your door

What you can get with InHome

We constantly update our available partners, delivery areas and the services we offer. Currently, you can use InHome for:


Home access and one-time keys

InHome enables packages, groceries and services to be delivered when you are not at home but this doesn’t mean you’re not in control. You grant access to your smart lock by giving out a one-time encrypted digital key. You then follow the delivery step by step in the Glue app and receive a video receipt of the driver unlocking your door, perform the delivery, safely locking the door and double-checking that the door is locked. The InHome delivery will not be able to start without the drivers camera working properly.

Highly trained and reliable Delivery Drivers

Our delivery drivers are experienced, reliable staff of our partners that have been carefully chosen and undergone specific training that covers security measures, InHome protocols and monitoring. Glue collaborates with each partner to create a personalised training program and have a dedicated team that ensures delivery success and quality. Each delivery is recorded and tracked both in our backend and in the Glue app. Our operations team is highly involved in each successful delivery on a daily basis. During this training, it is also important for us to keep the delivery drivers safe and we keep a close relationship to all our InHome drivers.

InHome cancellation

The InHome delivery is automatically cancelled if you happen to be home during the time of delivery. Our drivers always knock or use the doorbell before using the one-time access key. In this case, the delivery will be performed as normal. Should you change your mind and wish to revoke the one-time access key, then this is also easy to do in the Glue app.

InHome Availability

At the moment, InHome Deliveries are available in selected areas in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Skåne county. Visit the specific grocery, package or service pages to find out if you will be able use InHome.

Your Privacy

Glue gathers some information to develop services, work efficiently and provide you with the best products and experiences. We do not share your personal data with a third party and your data is encrypted both when it is transferred between our services and the Glue app. Your delivery receipt is not used or accessed for marketing or service enhancement purposes. We will only be able to access your video receipt if we are required to do so for legal reasons or at the request of a user. You can read our full privacy policy here.