InHome Security

At Glue Home, security is in our DNA. By automating and digitising your home, you add an additional layer of security for you and your family.

Tracking and monitoring the activity of your front door means you are always in control. Our InHome team ensures quality at every step of the way during InHome drivers' training, app safety and during delivery. Read more about what we do to protect your home below.


Our InHome drivers

Together with our partners, we choose their most reliable and experienced drivers to undergo InHome delivery training created specifically for their working conditions and security measures. We constantly review our protocols to keep us up to date and hold regular fitness update sessions. It is important to us that both our InHome drivers and customers feel completely safe and that their feedback is heard. So far, we've managed to keep every home and customer safe during an InHome delivery.

InHome Chauffeur Training

Driver training covers everything from how to safely use the disposable key, the correct step-by-step process and how we treat your home with the utmost care.

The one-time key

When ordering your InHome delivery, the app will ask you to approve a one-time key that allows our InHome drivers to unlock and lock your door during the agreed delivery window.

This digital key only works during the specified delivery time and expires as soon as delivery is complete. We use TLS to secure communication between our mobile apps. The encryption algorithm used to transfer the information between the lock and our back-end service is AES with a 256-bit long key.

Delivery video

When each shipment is complete, you'll receive a video receipt as proof of delivery in your Glue app. Delivery cannot be continued and the one-time key will not work unless the camera is on. The body camera will continue recording until your door is locked and the driver checked that the door is properly locked by pulling down the handle.

When the camera is turned on

The InHome driver cannot access your video receipt, pause, cancel, or in any way control the recording. The video is uploaded to your Glue app account via an encrypted connection and Glue does not have access to your delivery video. With the exception if required by law or if you ask us to do so.