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Important: This product does not include a Glue WiFi Hub.

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Buy Glue Smart Lock Pro and get a 200kr gift card at Mathem during September

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Mathem Offer

Buy Glue Smart Lock Pro and get a 200kr gift card at Mathem during September

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Buy Glue Smart Lock Pro and get a 200kr gift card at Mathem during September

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Inet - Smart Door Lock Pro

MatHem Offer

Buy Glue Smart Lock Pro and get a 200kr gift card at Mathem during September

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Door Alert

It’s easy to open your door and forget to lock it. With Door Alert, a new feature enabled by our smart sensors, Glue detects when your door is opened and sends you a notification if you don’t lock it after a period of time.


Lock Status

Imagine never wondering again whether your door is locked or unlocked. With the Glue app, you can easily see the status of your door.

Remote Locking

Glue WiFi Hub lets you unlock with your phone from anywhere. When you are within 15 meters of your Glue Lock, Bluetooth connects directly to your lock. The remote unlock signal is encrypted and uses the same security standard as mobile banks and Bank ID.

Glue Blob
InHome Delivery

The only Swedish digital lock with InHome deliveries

Create a whole ecosystem for your home where you can manage parcels and services on our platform

Trusted by
Trained Drivers

Specially trained drivers with our reliable logistics partners

Video Receipt

A video receipt is uploaded immediately to confirm safe and secure delivery

Encrypted Keys

Unique one-time access granted with bank encryption

Digital lock for your front door

Glue Smart Lock is the revolutionary Swedish digital door lock that sits on the inside of your door, completely invisible from the outside. The lock offers a comfortable and smart solution for a simpler everyday life.

Full control of your home

Forget lost keys! With a digital door lock, you'll keep track of the whole family. You never have to give out a physical key to anyone but can give guests and visitors access even when you're away. Your digatal keys can do so much more for you.

Safe and secure

By tracking the activity on your door, you add an extra layer of security. See who's coming and going, when the last unlock took place, and feel safe knowing that Glue Smart Lock has been tested to endure technical breaches with bank-level encryption.


Easy installation

Mounted on top of your existing door lock

No damage or changes to your door lock

Mounted on the inside, invisible from the outside

Your physical keys are work as usual

AES 256-bit, Bank-level encryption

Apple Watch app

Open your door with a flick of the wrist

Imagine heading out for a run with light pockets and one less thing to worry about. With Glue Apple Watch App, your keys are just a tap away. Simply setup Glue on your watch face and connect to your lock.

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Glue Blob
Glue App

Keys can't do what Glue can

Keep track of your use of the front door. Manage InHome deliveries. Share access and more.

Activity Log

Each key can be given to a family member, guest or friend, with real-time notifications.

Manual Unlocking

Manual unlocking is logged and recorded if a manual activity has taken place.

Press & Go

Double-tap the thumbturn and Glue automatically locks behind you.


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Glue Blob
Product specifications



Glue Lock


Glue WiFi hub


AA Batteries


Door Plate





Standard Glue Smart Lock
Glue Lock - Dimensions
57 x 133 x 56.6mm
Wifi-Hub - Dimensions
53 x 82 x 74 mm (Including plug)
Power Supply
Glue Lock: 4 AA batteries (Included) Wifi Hub: 230v
(2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi networks with the following
protocols: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n

Wi-Fi security: WPA-PSK (AES/TKIP) and
BLE 4 up to 15 meters
iOS 7 and Android 4.3 or later with
Bluetooth 4.0
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