Glue Blob
Award winning
Smart Lock

The future of your front door

Glue controls your front door from wherever you are.
Share digital keys with friends and family through the app
Remotely unlock your door with your phone
Know your home is safe by tracking your door activity
Glue V3.0

A simple, super-smart motorised lock that manages your door

It fixes to the inside of your existing door and lock. Is battery powered, and connects via WiFi and bluetooth.

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Door Alert

It’s easy to forget to lock your door. With Door Alert, Glue detects when you open your door and alerts you if it's left unlocked.

Lock Status

Imagine never wondering again whether your door is locked or unlocked. With the Glue app, you can easily see the status of your door.

Remote Locking

Keep your home secure from anywhere in the world with remote lock using the Glue WiFi hub. AES 128-bit, banking-grade security.

Smart Phone
Apple Watch
Physical Keys
Apple Watch app

Your keys, now just a tap away

Imagine heading out for a run with light pockets and one less thing to worry about. With Glue Apple Watch App, your keys are just a tap away. Simply setup Glue on your watch face and connect to your lock.

Glue Blob
Glue App

Keys can't do what Glue can

Keep track of your door usage. Manage InHome deliveries. Share access, and more.

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Activity Log

Each key can be given to a family member, guest or friend, with real-time notifications.

Manual Unlocking

Manual unlocking is logged and recorded if a manual activity has taken place.

Press & Go

Double-tap the thumb turn and Glue automatically locks behind you.


The even more, door lock.

Create a whole ecosystem for your home where you can manage parcels and services on our platform

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