Your deliveries

During your InHome delivery, you will be able to follow everything step by step in the Glue app. Keep in mind that if you happen to be at home during delivery, it will be delivered as normal instead.

Our drivers always knock on the door and make sure there is no one at home before using the encrypted disposable key.


Approve an InHome delivery

Glue vs Pinpad

During the morning of the delivery date, the Glue app sends you a push notification to remind you of the delivery time.

  • When your InHome driver arrives, they first make sure no one is home. Then they start the video recording. The driver can't use the one-time key if the video hasn't started.

  • The InHome driver will unlock your door and place your items carefully in the corridor without entering your home.

  • Once your items have been placed in your home, the Home driver locks your door with the Glue app. The video does not stop recording until the InHome driver has verified that your door is properly locked.

  • Now you'll get a notification in the app that the delivery is complete and that the video receipt has been uploaded to your account. You can see your previous video receipts and deliveries in the Glue app.

What happens on the day of delivery?

Prepare for your delivery

To make sure your InHome delivery goes as smoothly as possible, there are a few simple things to consider in advance.

The InHome driver needs free access to your corridor during deliveries for parcels and laundry service. Please ensure that your pet does not have access to these areas during the delivery.

Make sure your pet is safe
Turn off alarm system

Make sure that your alarm system is either switched off during the delivery window or turned off during the day of delivery so that our InHome driver does not trigger the alarm.

Make sure the driver has a free way to your refrigerator so we can fill your fridge and freezer as quickly and safely as possible.

Prepare your way to your refrigerator