What is the difference between Pro & Glue Lite?

Mar 24, 2021
Glue Explained
Magnus Dahlin
Our latest Glue Smart Door Lock Pro (3rd gen) lock offers Glue's latest technology including faster unlocking and new features. Glue Lite (Gen 2) is still one of our most popular products – learn more about the differences between Pro and Lite below;

Both Pro and Glue Lite have our most beloved features such as;
  • Share digital keys - Give guest access to people you trust. Add and remove keys at the touch of a button
  • Press &go - Double-tap the lock button and Glue automatically locks behind you after a few seconds
  • Remote locking - Lock and unlock your door from anywhere. The remote unlock signal is encrypted and uses the same security standard as mobile banks and Bank IDs
  • Activity log - See when friends and family come and go with the Glue app
  • Receive InHome deliveries - in the Glue app, you can track your InHome deliveries and track your delivery journey step by step

In addition to faster unlocking and motion sensors, smart lock pro (3rd Gen) also offers the following new features;

  • Lock status - With the Glue app, you can easily see the status of your door if it's locked or unlocked
  • Door warning - a new feature activated by our smart sensors, Glue detects when your door opens and sends a notification if you do not lock the door after a certain time

In the table below you can get an overview of the differences between our two locks so you can easily make a decision about which lock is best for you.


Do I need to replace my entire door lock?
No, Glue Smart Lock sits on top of your existing lock. So you don't have to make any changes or damage to your door.

Can I lock and unlock with my key even though I mounted Glue?
The Glue lock has no impact on your existing lock and you can, as usual, lock and unlock with your physical key from the outside.

How safe is my Glue Smart Lock?
We use TLS to secure communication between our mobile applications. The encryption algorithm used to transfer the information between the lock and our backend service is AES with 128-bit long key.

How is a Glue Smart Lock operated?
Glue is powered by 4 AA batteries that last up to 6 months. You can see the battery status in the app and when it's time to change batteries, you'll get a notification from the app. We recommend 1.5v AA batteries.

What do I do if my smartphone runs out of battery?
If your smartphone runs out of battery, you can download the Glue app on another device and log in to your user account. You can also use your physical home key. Glue won't stop you from using your home key as usual.