Best Parcel Deliveries now live! Shop from 19 new retailers with InHome and Best.

May 11, 2021
Glue Collabs
Felicia Thelin
From Beauty to Sports, Electronics to Health products or Baby Clothes to Pharmacy, 19 new retailers are now available with Glue InHome Deliveries by Best.

Thousands are already using InHome deliveries with Glue to get groceries and laundry delivered. Today, we are pleased to announce that package deliveries with Best are now available in selected locations around Sweden. This means that everything Best delivers from its e-retailers, can now also be delivered InHome
You can choose any delivery day you want and feel confident that everything will be delivered inside the door. After the year we have had, who wants to spend time waiting at home for a delivery or standing in line for the post office? It's super easy to get InHome deliveries with Best. Shop from one of Best's e-retailers and choose Best as the mode of delivery at checkout. Our smart system matches the delivery to your Glue Lock and sends you a notification in the Glue app. All you have to do is approve the disposable key and Glue and Best will take care of the rest. Read more about InHome deliveries with Best here.

We’ve made it easy to check what services are available in your area with our new postcode checker. You can also see which companies work with our delivery partners and get shopping right away. Read more

Glue InHome deliveries are highly secure, using highly trained trusted partners, one time access technology (protected by banking grade security) and with a video of the entire delivery for you to watch back. We’re fully insured and in case you have any problems, our friendly customer service team is on hand to help.