Glue Wifi Hub

Connect to your Glue Smart Door Lock to unlock

Hub Information

Update your Hub

Hub updates are triggered by the Glue app and take about 5 minutes to download. You don't need to keep your app open or in range once it's started updating. Make sure the hub is connected to a network and doesn't lose connectivity during the update. It is important to update your hub regularly and if you have problems with the hub, a firmware update can sometimes correct the problem.

Connect the hub with your Glue Lock

Each Glue Smart Lock requires a WiFi hub. You cannot connect multiple locks to the same hub. However, you can have several different locks and different doors registered in the app.

There may be times when support will ask you to connect or remove the hub from the app to troubleshoot issues. The best way is always to make sure first that both Lock and Hub have the latest updated version downloaded.

Keep the Hub close

The hub must be installed near the door, within 5 meters to receive the Wi-Fi signal.
Remote operations instead use your device's network connection to contact the hub paired to the lock.

Glue Wifi Hub

Glue WiFi Hub is a small device that unlocks even more smart features for your Glue Lock. Connect the hub to a regular power outlet and pair it with your lock to get started.

How it works

The hub allows you to connect to your lock via WiFi signal. You can now unlock and unlock the door from anywhere in the world. If you are close enough to the lock, Bluetooth is activated instead.

  • Door Alert

    Glue detects when your door opens and sends a message if you don't lock it after a certain amount of time.

  • Lock Status

    With the Glue app, you can easily see if your door is locked or unlocked.

The hub is an important part and enables our latest door tracking features. Inside Glue Lock are sensors that collect lock status and door warning data that then need the WiFi hub to transfer the information to your phone.