Smart Locks

At Glue Home, security is what we do. We believe that by automating and making your home smarter, you are adding another layer of safety to your home and family. Tracking and monitoring your door’s activity means that you are always in control.

Our dedicated InHome team is ensuring quality at every step of the way throughout driver training, app security and deliveries.

Read more about what we do to keep your home safe below.


Using your Glue Smart Door Lock

Together with our partners, we select their most reliable and experienced drivers to undergo InHome Delivery training created specifically for their working conditions and security measures. We constantly review our protocols to stay up to date and hold regular update sessions on training. It’s important to us that both our drivers and customers feel safe and that their feedback is heard.

To this date, we have managed to keep every single home and customer safe during an InHome Delivery.


InHome is compatible with any generation of Glue Smart Door Lock.
InHome is also available on any Pinpad smart lock, all you have to do is download the Glue app and connect to your lock. Our Pinpad solution is just as safe as InHome on Glue Locks and uses the same security protocols and encryptions. You can read more about our security measure here.

Download the Glue app to get started

All you have to do to get started with InHome is to download the Glue app and get started. The app will ask you if you have a Glue Smart Lock or a pinpad lock.