Smart Door Lock

Control access to your home from your smart phone.

Installation Guides

Lock Status

Imagine never wondering again whether your door is locked or unlocked. With the Glue app, you can easily see the status of your door.

How often do you need to recalibrate the door?

The door should not be recalibrated very often. Only in the case where the lock status in the app shows the wrong status.

This can happen under the following circumstances:
- The lock loses power (battery replacement, extreme vibration)
- The door is open for a long time or left in a state where the sensors are not sure if the door is about to open or close.

Important: Make sure you take the keys with you when you open and close your door during calibration.


Calibration works by setting a default position (locked and closed) for the bolt inside your door. The sensors can thus know

For the lock status and door warning functions, you need to calibrate your lock in an open and closed position for the sensors to understand and record your door position.

Door Alert

It is easy to forget to lock behind or to worry that the door is not locked. With Door Warning, a new feature activated by our smart sensors, Glue detects when your door opens and sends a notification if you don't lock the door after a certain amount of time.