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Glue App Homescreen

Here you can lock and unlock your door, check your door and lock status and navigate to the other areas of the app.

1. Settings: Here you can manage your locks, if you have multiple doors, manage the hub and see your preferences.

2. Lock status: Tap to check battery level, Bluetooth connection, and hub status.

3. Click or swipe 'More' to access key holder and activity log.

4. Home and Lock: Click to switch between different front doors. Swipe left and right to access your various locks at the selected home.

5. Door status: The status of your door is shown here

6. InHome Deliveries: If you've used InHome deliveries before, you'll find a list of recent events here.

Lock Status

By tapping the three icons below the door name, you can check the status of the lock including Bluetooth connection, battery levels and Hub status.

Important: Make sure to replace your batteries as soon as the percentage level drops below 15%.

Locking and unlocking

To unlock your door, swipe the ‘open padlock’ icon upwards and release. The app will now connect with you lock, this might take a few seconds. To lock your door, swipe the ‘locked padlock’ icon downwards and release.

Activity Log & Keyholders

The activity log helps you keep track of your door activity. See a coming and going and manage door access.

1. The Activity log: This is the lock timeline for your recent activity 
 2. Current keyholders: Owners, residents and guest keyholders and their key status. Tap the keyholder icon to find out more information on the specific keyholder.
 3. Lock settings: Tap here to manage your lock

Inviting a keyholder

You can give digital keys, with different access restrictions, to your family, guests or friends to operate your lock.

1. Tap the + button to add a keyholder
 2. Add their phone number or email address
 3. Add the keyholders name 4. Decide which access level the keyholder should have.


Perfect for people living permanently in the house, who want to mange the door and take advantage of InHome services.

Lock/unlock within bluetooth range

Lock/unlock remotely

Can see all recent activities

Always have access

Can accept InHome deliveries

Limited access, within a certain period.


This level of access is perfect for the younger ones in your family or close friends

Lock/unlock within bluetooth range

Can only see their own recent activity

Always have access

Lock/unlock remotely

Can accept InHome deliveries

Limited access, within a certain period.


Can't see their own activity in the log, can't unlock remotely, share keys, or see the latest activity. Usually a single-use key.

Lock/unlock within bluetooth range

Limited access, within a certain period.

No access to activity log

Lock/unlock remotelock/unlock remotely

Can accept InHome deliveries

InHome Screen

Here you can manage your past and upcoming InHome deliveries.

1. This is the InHome delivery in progress. Tap for more information
 2. The property and lock is specified here
 3. Access past deliveries and their full timelines

Delivery Timeline

The delivery timeline helps you keep track of past InHome delivery events, access the video receipt and keep track of any upcoming deliveries.

1. Delivery Timeline activity log
 2. Video receipt button 3. Delivery information

User Settings

In the settings menu, you can manage locks and properties, Hubs or account preferences such as notifications and marketing preferences.

1. Edit profile: Edit your profile such as the associated email, phone number or displayed name. You can also reset your password or add a profile picture
. 2. Manage your locks, hubs and properties 3. Tap to access help or legal 4. Manage your notification and marketing preferences 5. Log out of the Glue app